Employment at BWS


Located east of the Anacostia River, the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys is a tuition-free independent school for boys from low-income families sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. Named in honor of The Right Reverend John T. Walker, the first African-American Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, the Bishop Walker School is open to boys of all faiths and religious traditions. Opened in 2008 and currently serving students in grades Junior Kindergarten through 6th, the school will add a grade level per year through grade 8. The Bishop Walker School fosters the love of learning, intellectual curiosity, spiritual foundation and moral character each boy will need to achieve his fullest potential as a student, as a citizen and as a child of God.

The Bishop Walker School is currently seeking qualified candidates for the following positions:


To be an effective leader at the Bishop Walker School, the Principal must possess the following Key Attributes:

  • Belief in Children: Believes all children can achieve
  • The Ability to Build Relationships and Influence Others: Influences and motivates others to get results. Actively listens to others and creates team-oriented, cooperative and engaged culture. Effectively manages conflict. Possesses excellent communication skills.
  • The Ability to Establish a Culture of High Expectations: Sets ambitious goals and continually monitors progress toward goals. Holds other accountable to expectations.
  • Instructional Leadership: Understands research-based instructional school practices for boys and focuses attention on teaching and learning. Uses observation and students performance data to accurately assess students learning. Effectively facilitates professional learning communities to promote increased achievement.
  • Stamina, Initiative, Persistence: Persists to overcome challenges. Goes above and beyond what is expected to achieve the desired result. Responds calmly and rationally in high-stress situations.
  • Strategic Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills: Develops clear vision and logical priorities. Is adept at problem-solving, choosing the best course of action among options. Makes sound and timely decisions.
  • Faculty Management and Development Skills: Accurately assesses the effectiveness of the faculty and effectively coaches staff to improve performance.
  • Communication Skills: Effectively conveys the school's mission, vision, and philosophy to all constituents in a persuasive and professional manner.

As the school's academic leader, the Principal's key duties include the following:

General Institutional Leadership

  • Oversees the effective implementation of the school's mission and academic programs
  • Effectively supports and promotes the school's Episcopal identity
  • Oversees the development of curricula, selection of teaching materials, supplies, and classroom furnishings
  • Collaboratively develops the master schedule of classes and the yearly school calendar
  • Develops and maintains a vibrant yet orderly environment within which effective learning can take place and a school climate that is supportive and reflects high morale
  • Provides substantive input to the Executive Director/President in support of the development of the school's operating budget
  • Manages the established budget
  • Supports the school's on-going fundraising efforts
  • Presents a report on the state of the school's academic programs, progress, and challenges during BWS Governing Board meetings
  • Regularly and effectively communicates to faculty, staff, and parents about school activities, events, and philosophy through newsletters, memos, and other necessary correspondence.
  • Serves as both a resource and staff support to the Governing Board's Education Committee
  • Effectively represents BWS with the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and its parishes and affiliated institutions as required.
  • Embraces the networking and professional development opportunities afforded by membership in AISGW, NAES, NAID, and other such educational associations
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned by the Executive Director/President

Regarding Faculty and Staff

  • Provides instructional leadership and support to the faculty and staff
  • Makes recommendation to the Executive Director regarding the hiring, retention, and assignment of the curriculum
  • Supervises the teaching process and reviews and evaluates academic programs
  • Conducts regular faculty meetings that deal both with routine school matters and with the stimulating exchange of ideas on issues of education/philosophical interest and concern
  • Establishes programs for orientation of teachers to ensure that they are familiar with and adhere to school policies in all areas of the school's operation
  • Coordinates ongoing faculty training and professional development programs aimed at strengthening the faculty's professorial capacity
  • Evaluates faculty and staff member's performance
  • Creates and supports development plans with individual faculty members to remedy any identified deficiencies/need for growth
  • Creates and maintains a culture of collaboration, collegiality, and partnerships between and among faculty, staff, and administrators

Regarding Students

  • Oversees the administration of formal student assessments
  • Ensures the confidentiality of all student records an information
  • Ensures a safe and orderly school environment utilizing principles of Responsive Classroom
  • Ensures that students are properly supported, supervised, and monitored while at school and during activities such as lunch, assemblies, extra-curricular activities, and field trips
  • Develops strong, supportive relationships with students and their families

Regarding the Parent Partnership

  • Facilitates the timely resolution of parents issues, disputes, and concerns
  • Ensures that student progress is regularly communicated to parents
  • Implements disciplinary procedures as outlined in the BWS Faculty and Staff and Family handbooks
  • Maintains open communication with parents in support of their students' success and well-being
  • Supports and encourages parent education opportunities

Regarding Admissions and Outplacement

  • In coordination with the Admissions Director, facilitates and oversees the admissions process, including student recruitment
  • Coordinates and supports the school's outplacement process including preparing families and students for the transition and developing meaningful relationships with the range of schools that will best fit our students' future educational needs
  • Facilitates regular reports on the admissions and outplacement processes

Regarding the Greater Community

  • Represents BWS at select community and professional meetings, workshops, and conferences
  • Facilitates the effective integration of partner organizations and programs that are aligned with the BWS mission
  • Ensures that volunteers are properly supported and effectively integrated into the school's programs and activities
  • Serves as a positive ambassador for the Bishop Walker School in the larger community

For further information, please contact James Woody, Executive Director and President at jwoody@bishopwalkerschool.org


The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys seeks dynamic Classroom Lead Teachers (K-5) for the 2018-19 school year to educate and encourage the intellectual and social development of boys. The Classroom Lead Teacher is responsible for teaching a maximum of 16 students in all areas of the curriculum. The Classroom Lead Teacher should have a commitment to urban education and inspiring excellence.

Candidates should be familiar with Responsive Classroom, Guided Reading, and Writer's Workshop.


  • Three or more years of teaching experience preferred
  • BA or MA in Elementary Education or related field (e.g. Reading, Curriculum and Instruction)


  • Establish high expectations for student academic performance and behavior
  • Design and implement respective grade curriculum
  • Instruct students in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science
  • Collaborate with other Lead Teachers and Specials Teachers
  • Form and maintain positive partnerships with parents
  • Clearly articulate both verbally and in writing students' progress


  • Promotes inquiry, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking
  • Designs curriculum which recognizes children's interests and strengthens their skills
  • Creates engaging, hand-on leaning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Incorporates differentiated instructions and flexible grouping
  • Assesses content, process, and products of curriculum continuously
  • Recognizes the physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of boys

Application Requirements:
Please send the following items to ymoore@bishopwalkerschool.org:

  • Cover letter addressed to Ms. Yonnette Moore, Vice Principal
  • Resume
  • Names and contact information of 3 professional references
  • Copy of college or graduate school transcripts

We are not accepting telephone inquiries for this position.


The Bishop John T, Walker School for Boys seeks an Assistant Teacher for the 2018-19 school year. The Assistant Teacher will support the First and Second Grade Lead Teachers and will be responsible for guiding and nurturing the intellectual and social development of a maximum of 16 male students in each class. The Assistant Teacher must have a commitment to young children, urban education, and inspiring excellence.


  • Establish high expectations for student academic performance and behavior
  • Form positive relationships with students and their parents
  • Support First Grade Lead Teacher and Second Grade Lead Teacher with classroom instruction and supervision
  • Teach small group lessons in reading, writing, and mathematics
  • Supervise students at recess and lunch
  • Aid special teachers (music, movement, and art) with arranging materials, managing, and assisting students with assignments


  • BA degree
  • Some experience working with children and/or the field of education
  • A desire to become a classroom lead teacher

Please send a cover letter, resume, a copy of college transcripts, and the names of 3 references via email to Ms. Yonnettee Moore, Vice Principal at ymoore@bishopwalkerschool.org.


The Bishop Walker School is seeking an Art Teacher for the 2018-19 school year. The Art Teacher will teach students in grades K-5. Typically, students have art 2-3 times per week. Art and specials classes are a major part of the academic and social life at the Bishop Walker School, as our goal is to nurture and grow the entire child academically, socially, spiritually and cognitively. The major duties and responsibilities of the position include:
  • Writing appropriate lesson plans for all grade levels
  • Set clear learning objectives for each class session
  • Maintaining and managing behavioral expectations for students
  • Communicating with colleagues, teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Compiling and maintaining grades, exams, daily art tasks and student records
  • Use art as a medium to help students express their gifts and talents in meaningful ways
  • Plan and present student art displays
  • Encourage students to express their personalities and creative ideas through art and the creative process
  • Selecting materials and supplies for a well-rounded art curriculum and instructional program in the production of visual art with the context of art history
  • Recording work and student progress, by giving grades and appropriate feedback to students and classes
  • Maintain a neat and aesthetically pleasing classroom environment
  • Understanding the development of boys across the elementary continuum
  • Attending faculty and staff meetings and contributing to the entire school community
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers and staff members to assist in school wide events and activities

Minimum Requirements:
The ideal candidate must be committed to the Bishop Walker School's mission and values. The ideal candidate has familiarity and experience with art, art history, urban education best practices of teaching boys, and student-centered learning. The ideal candidate had a love and dedication to children that is unwavering. The ideal candidate also has:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts or equivalent 4-year degree from an accredited institution of higher learning. Master's degree preferred
  • 4 years of previous teaching experience  
  • Working knowledge of concepts, activities, and techniques required to teach art at the elementary level
  • An understanding of child development and brain-based development in boys

All interested applicants should submit a resume, cover letter, and three references to Vice Principal Yonnette Moore at ymoore@bishopwalkerschool.org.

No phone calls please.


The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys (BWS) is seeking a part-time Religion teacher. The religion teacher will teach each grade level (K-6), once per week for a 30-40 minute block. Religion classes for students in grades K-2 take place on Tuesdays. Religion classes for students in grades 3-6 take place on Thursdays.
The religion teacher designs hands-on projects and activities that reflect the school’s commitment to Judeo-Christian values, character and Episcopal identity. The successful candidate demonstrates respect for the world’s major religions, appreciates a sense of service rooted deeply in Christian principles, while recognizing and meeting the individual needs of each student at BWS. 

Major duties and responsibilities include:
  • Writing appropriate lesson plans for all grade levels 
  • Promoting the spiritual growth of students by expounding on the Christian Experience and what it means to be a Christian
  • Maintaining and managing behavioral expectations for students
  • Communicating with colleagues, teachers, parents and administrators
  • Compiling and maintaining grades, exams, daily assignments and student records
  • Submitting lesson plans, and revising plans for maximum student growth and development
  • Selecting materials and making recommendations for a well-rounded curricular and instructional program in Religious education
  • Recording work progress, and giving grades and appropriate feedback to students
  • Understanding the development of boys across a spectrum of age ranges
  • Attending faculty and staff meetings as necessary

Planning, advising and revising curriculum content to meet the fluid spiritual and developmental needs of BWS students

Minimum requirements:

The ideal candidate must be committed to the Bishop Walker School’s mission and values.  The ideal candidate has familiarity and experience with religion, religious philosophy, urban education, theology, and student-centered learning. The ideal candidate has a love and dedication to children that is unwavering. 
  • Bachelor of Arts or equivalent 4-year degree from an accredited institution of higher learning
  • 2 Years previous teaching experience
  • Knowledge of the Bible and biblical principles
  • An understanding of Episcopal identity
  • An understanding of basic child development and brain-based development in boys
  • A basic understanding of world religions

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email Kathleen Hall at khall@edow.org a cover letter, resume, and three references.


The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington in Washington, DC, is currently seeking an Events and Development Coordinator.  The Development office seeks to raise $2.34 million annually in current operating support through events and direct appeals to support this tuition-free school.  Additionally, the school will publically launch this fall a $6.5 million capital campaign to fund a new school facility at THEARC, retire debt, and fund a cash reserve for operations.  Located in the Congress Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC, Bishop Walker School offers a diverse and collaborative work environment.
Primary Responsibilities:
  • Provides staff support and leadership to Annual Dinner (Gala) event chairs and related committees formed to help secure sponsors and participants.
  • Assists with planning, implementation, and production of all fundraising events including vendor relationships, budgets, and event logistics.
  • Manages event attendees and payments through The Raiser’s Edge® fundraising database.
  • Assists with weekly gift processing including gift batch preparation, gift entry, receipting and acknowledgment.
  • Performs accurate routine data entry in The Raiser’s Edge® fundraising database as needed.
  • Provides general administrative support to Development colleagues.
  • Bachelor’s degree with 1 - 2 years work experience in an events-related field.  The ideal candidate would have work experience with a major caterer, event venue, non-profit, school/university, or major corporation.
  • Commitment to ethical fundraising, collegiality, teamwork, and the mission of the Bishop Walker School.
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills.
  • Highly organized and extremely attentive to detail.  
  • Proficiency with the Windows computer environment including MS Word and Excel, and G Suite. 
  • Experience with The Raiser's Edge® or comparable fundraising management software preferable.  
  • Strong motivation, initiative, and the ability to prioritize.
  • Availability and willingness to work occasionally outside the normal schedule including early mornings, evenings, school holidays, and weekends.  Occasional travel required.  
    Valid driver’s license and reliable personal vehicle, a plus.  
To learn about our benefits, please click here. Bishop Walker School is a diverse community that welcomes and values individuals from all backgrounds. 
Interested candidates who meet the qualifications should send a cover letter and resume to khall@edow.org.


The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys’ after school program is designed to enhance the school day by offering dynamic academic, cultural, and recreational enrichment activities to Bishop Walker School students. Drawing on best practices in youth development and educational theory, staff members guide students to build academic and social skills in a meaningful and fun environment.
Along with the After-School Director, After-School teachers will work collaboratively with the BWS administration and faculty, volunteers, and other community resources as appropriate to plan, design and implement a high quality after school program for BWS students. The program runs Monday through Friday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.


  • Reinforce academic skills the participants have learned during the school day  
  • Help participants develop positive attitudes and social skills  
  • Expose participants to a broad range of cultural enrichment activities
  • Engage the participants in a variety of creative, physical, and artistic activities
  • Increase parent/guardian engagement and satisfaction


Detailed responsibilities include:

  • Actively engage and supervise children in all activities.
  • Assist in developing and implementing a developmentally appropriate after school curriculum.
  • Communicate and disperse information about upcoming events and activities to students and families.
  • Greet, monitor, and track all students and visitors, including parents and volunteers.
  • Take pride in and responsibility for program facilities, ensuring that all spaces used by the program are neat and organized and foster physical and emotional safety.
  • Support BWS behavior standards and discipline policies.
  • Set high expectations for students and hold them accountable for meeting those standards.
  • Participate in executing special events and field trips as needed.
To apply for the After School Teacher position, please send a cover letter, resume, and three references to ymoore@bishopwalkerschool.org. Please no phone calls.