Academic Profile & Support Services

Bishop John T. Walker believed that education opens the door to opportunity, and at BWS this means having an academic program where high expectations are set in support of students reaching their highest potential. Together with the pillars of Episcopal faith and tradition, a commitment to serving others, and pride in oneself and one’s community, the academic experience at BWS aspires to create a solid foundation that leads to lasting change in the lives of its students.

At its core, the academic program is progressive, experiential, developmentally appropriate, and child-centered. Learning experiences seek to feed students’ intellectual curiosity and reinforce students’ sense of self-worth. Regular field trips connect boys to real world learning experiences. Small classes averaging 16 students, skilled and innovative teachers, and differentiated instruction make it possible to meet the needs of a broad range of learners. The Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies programs are supplemented by instruction in Art, Music, and Movement. The curriculum comprises research-based programs including Math in Focus and the Teachers College Reading and Writing units of study. The academic program is designed to develop strong skills in reading and writing, critical thinking, and numbers sense. It introduces culturally relevant topics so that students can see themselves in the context of the larger world. An emphasis has been placed on creative expression and the development of motor skills and coordination. Faculty recognize the importance of fostering a sense of belonging, significance, and emotional safety consistent with the school's emphasis on developing character and meeting the needs of the whole child. Internal and external assessment tools are becoming an essential part of academic life at the School so that rigor may be appropriately incorporated into students’ learning.

Most BWS students are first-generation independent school students who may face unique challenges at home and in their readiness for school. BWS recognizes the need to provide a range of support services for its students and their families to help support academic success. The School provides an extended day program, after-school activities, and summer learning opportunities so that there is programming for the boys eleven months out of the year, and three nutritious meals daily. The School also facilitates children’s health services, including hearing, speech, language, dental, and mental health screenings. Parental engagement is essential at BWS. Parents are required to volunteer at the School monthly and some go well beyond what is expected of them in support of the School and their children. The Parents Association and School co-sponsor discussion groups and speakers on a number of topics relevant to all parents and especially to those served by BWS. This shared sense of involvement and responsibility, by parents and School staff, enhances the sense of community at BWS and helps to ensure student success.

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