Opportunities & Challenges

  • The continuing challenge of sustaining the financial health of a first-rate educational program while operating under a tuition-free model
    Attends to the needs and development of the whole child, spiritually, morally and ethically, academically and socially
  • Values its Episcopal identity and its strong ties to the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
  • Developing and expanding upon a wide range of support and social services to both its students and their families that enhance the School’s sense of community
  • A parent body committed to the School’s mission who contribute through service hours and participate in parenting classes, fundraising, and forums
  • A dedicated and engaged board of governors who want to ensure the school’s fiscal health and the success of the school’s leaders
  • Close relationships with and strong support from regional independent schools and their leaders, especially DC area Episcopal Schools
  • A faculty and staff focused on the development of a student-centered, progressive, and experiential academic program
  • Regular opportunities to collaborate with partners at THEARC including partners leading programs in education, community health,
    arts, and athletics
  • Completing a highly successful $6.5m capital campaign to help ensure the School’s financial stability and secure first-rate instructional facilities in THEARC complex of Southeast Washington
  • Unique in its commitment to changing the trajectory of and creating life-changing opportunities for boys in traditionally underserved areas of the Washington, DC metropolitan region
  • An impressive level of community support for its mission among its large donor base, trustees and school leadership, foundations and corporations and engaged BWS parents
  • Ensuring the recruitment, training, and retention of high-quality teachers and administrative staff and continued assessment and development of the academic program
  • Improving systems and processes aimed at making School operations and the implementation of policies more reliable, consistent, and effective
  • The ongoing challenge of anticipating and meeting the needs of boys and families from traditionally underserved communities

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