School Finance & Fundraising

In its service to an underserved urban population drawn primarily from the surrounding neighborhoods, BWS has both a unique mission and challenge in terms of generating the revenue needed to operate under a tuition-free model. BWS relies on external sources of funding to meet its annual operating expenses and has achieved an impressive level of community support for its mission among its large donor and volunteer base, some 2,500 in number, trustees and school leadership, Episcopal parishes, foundations and corporations, and BWS parents. The School is completing a capital campaign - Securing Their Future - having raised approximately $5.5 million of the targeted $6.5 million. Upon its completion, the campaign will have made possible the move into a new facility at THEARC complex, retiring the debt on the Holy Communion site that is being leased, and the creation of $1 million in operating reserves. The campaign is expected to draw to a close prior to the arrival of the next Head of School.

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