James Woody's Retirement Letter

Dear Colleagues and Friends,James Woody

Having the opportunity to play a role in the founding and stewardship of the Bishop Walker School has been one of the highlights of my life. As with all great adventures, however, at some point, the odyssey must end. I have decided that, for me, that time is the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year, at which point I will be retiring as Executive Director and President.

Launching a tuition-free independent school is an audacious undertaking. I am humbled by the trust that was placed in me by the Episcopal Diocese of Washington; grateful for the support, encouragement, and partnership of the three courageous and visionary board chairs alongside whom I’ve had the privilege of serving; and fortified by the satisfaction of having overcome countless challenges buoyed by the most thoughtful, passionate and generous Governing Board imaginable. I am in awe of the heroic educators who have selflessly given of themselves in service to our students and
continually amazed by the faith of the parents who entrusted their precious sons into
our care long before we had a proven track record or had earned their trust.
I am confident that the best days of the Bishop Walker School lie ahead. As the Board
undertakes the important work of identifying an exceptional leader to guide the School
during its next phase of development, I'll be working diligently with the Board, faculty,
staff and administration to ensure that BWS is well-positioned for future success.
I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to too many people to name here. In the months
ahead, I look forward to expressing my deep appreciation, both publically and in one-on-one conversations, to those who have made the dream of this amazing School

Upon the conclusion of my full-time service to the Bishop Walker community, I'll take
some extended time to reflect on all we've accomplished together, and begin to listen
for the still, small voice that will point me in the direction of my next epic journey.
Until then, by the grace of God, I will continue to arise every morning with a passionate
focus on serving the boys who, daily, remind me of my younger self and challenge me
to be the champion they deserve.

James Woody
James R. Woody
Executive Director and President