Family Engagement Results

Regarding distance learning:

  • 60% of our families are not comfortable sending their children back to school in the fall
  • 45% have family members at home who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19
  • 97% are comfortable with doing distance learning in the fall

Regarding ongoing supports needed to do distance learning well:

  • 75% need help supporting their child with school work
  • 60% need help supporting their child with staying on task and completing work
  • 50% need help with supporting their child in developing good habits
  • 40% need help with supporting their child’s emotional needs
  • 35% need help with childcare
  • 95% feel comfortable helping other parents meet these needs

Overall, many BWS families have responded to the pandemic by becoming closer-knit, spending more time together, getting active outside, and praying. This, more than any data point, speaks to the resiliency and strength of the Bishop Walker School community. We plan to rally that strength to meeting this moment with grace and faith as we come together to help those of our families and scholars who are struggling emotionally, academically, or otherwise. We will continue to make a way with an eye towards what we can learn about ourselves and our vast potential to be an excellent school for a long time to come.