Partnerships with Families

The Rt. Rev. John Walker was deeply committed to families. We honor that commitment, and believe that full partnership between school and family is critical for educational success. All teachers and school administrators take an active role in communicating and working with families as part of their regular routine.

When families sign an enrollment contract, they make a commitment to participating in the school’s mission. This commitment includes:
1. Contributing two hours of service per month based on the school’s goals and the interests and needs of each family. Some examples of service roles are:
  • Assisting in the classroom
  • Helping teachers with preparation
  • Organizing mailings for the development office
  • Leading parent forums
  • Assisting with or participating in fundraising events
2. Communicating with the school regarding both the student and overall school goals through:
  • Two formal conferences per year
  • Regular parent workshops and discussions
  • Informal meetings during daily arrival and departure
  • Following through on requests from teachers and administrators
3. Ensuring that their child is prepared for each day with:
  • A good night’s sleep
  • The required school uniform
  • On-time arrival and consistent attendance
  • An understanding of school expectations and goals for learning