Head of School Position Profile

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The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys is a tuition-free Episcopal school for children from traditionally underserved communities in Washington, DC. BWS nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, social-emotional, artistic, and physical development of its students in a Christian community of learners that welcomes boys of all faiths and beliefs. Working in close partnership with students and families, BWS strives to create an environment where each boy is challenged to reach his full academic potential and receives the structured support necessary to develop his unique gifts. BWS seeks to foster a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, spiritual foundation, and moral character that each boy will need as a student, as a citizen, and as a child of God.

Named after Bishop John T. Walker, the first African American Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and a beloved figure to this day at numerous institutions, BWS is a diocesan day school serving boys primarily from the Southeast area of Washington D.C and Prince George’s County Maryland. In 2008, the first operating year, BWS was located in the basement of St. Philips Episcopal Church in Anacostia and had an enrollment of 13 Junior Kindergarten students. Eleven years later, BWS has an enrollment of 85 students in Kindergarten - Fifth Grade with aspirations of eventually continuing to Eighth Grade. Since its founding, BWS has been a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. The mission of the School, to focus on altering the trajectory of children from traditionally underserved communities and preparing them for lives of leadership and service beyond the School, is aspirational and empowering for the students it serves.

Unique in its commitment to creating life-changing opportunities for boys from Washington’s underserved communities, the School strives to offer a wide range of support and social services to both its students and their families that enhances the school’s sense of community and its students’ chances for success in school and beyond.