BiblioBlob: BWS Library Blog December 2019

BiblioBlob: BWS Library Blog December 2019
Light and heat diminish at this time of year, but the festivities warm up all around the northern hemisphere. Here at BWS we transform the Library space for Chapel each week. This month the boys marked the change of season by lighting up the Advent wreath in anticipation of Christ’s birth.

Our exploration of the fiction collection continued in December by focusing on the theme, message, or moral found in a Good Story. Ezra Jack Keats gave us Peter, Jan Brett gave us Hedgie, and Dr. Seuss gave us The Grinch. Meanwhile, the older boys explored some dark authors like Lemony Snickett in The Dark and his Series of Unfortunate Events. Roald Dahl wrote in verse and prose, BWS Students in the Nestnovels and picture books. Most boys knew Charlie and Matilda but The Minpins offered a vivid plot line example of conflict/resolution with Billy defeating The Gruncher.

All classes enjoyed demonstrating rotations and orbits of the earth in relation to the sun and noted the tilt of our planet’s axis, which explains our seasons. It was great to dive into the Solar System and Space books. Keen interest noted! As the New Year (and Decade) comes, more science and history books will be featured during Library time.

We ended the year with the Bible and The Greatest Story Ever Told. The youngest heard about sharing with the least among us from Room for the Little One, which tells the story of Mary and Joseph at the Inn as seen from the perspective of the animals in the manger. They enacted the theme with all of our Audubon birds finding room for one more in the circular nest. A good discussion about sharing followed.

The older boys focused their bible study on the stars that led theBWS Students in Library shepherds and the Wise Men from the East. What mystery and faith! We find that quite a few boys like to check out a Beginners Bible to read stories at their own reading

Our final session included drawing, constructing and decorating various stars to take home to family and friends. Maybe we all could share a good story about our own family to the youngest among us. The bright side of this time of year is that we have more cozy time together and nighttime to marvel at the stars in our heaven.

Merry Christmas to All!