Principals and Process

Guiding Principles:

  • We are a school that serves a mission, and we will continue to maintain high expectations for ourselves and for our students, while continuing to maintain a commitment to the social-emotional and physical health of the children and adults in our community.
  • We are an Episcopal School, and we will follow the Principles of Good Practice for Equity and Justice in Episcopal Schools and “attend to the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of all students and develop and monitor programs and policy to this end.”
  • We are an independent School, and we will make our best efforts to “take the best and leave the rest” with regard to guidance on best practices for re-opening our School as safely as we can.
  • We are a School community, and we will seek--and value--input from faculty, parents, students, and administrators.
  • Our evolving plan will reflect the needs, capacities, and aspirations of the BWS community, and we will build new skills, understand new realities, and commit thought and action to meeting this challenge.
  • We will push ourselves to think big, bold, and long- term, building new skills, understanding new realities, and our plan will be enacted with thoughtfulness, effort, and dedication.

Planning Process:

  • Proactive Planning - Summer RESTORE sessions aided preparation for distance learning in the long-term.
  • Information Gathering - Administrators' participation in COVID-19 mitigation task-forces, information sessions, workshops, seminars, and conversations with health and education experts from local to international levels.
  • Community Dialogue - Dialogue between parents, faculty, and administrators substantively shaped the development of reopening options.
  • Modified Consensus - Administrators contributed perspectives and input and participated in a modified consensus process to decide on how best to reopen.
  • Reflection and Redesign - Gathering feedback from BWS community surveys, townhalls, groups, and individual conversations will inform plan revisions.

Family Engagement Results

Click here to see a snapshot of what we have learned so far from the BWS Family Engagement Survey. If you have not taken the survey, click HERE to take it now!