Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I cannot secure childcare for my child during the scheduled hours of Responsive Distance Learning this fall?
Contact your scholar's teacher, an administrator, or the Head of School to communicate your need. We will work to support your scholar in having a safe place to be while they access BWS Responsive Distance Learning.

How do I express my perspective on this plan and offer my concerns or support in making it happen excellently?
We will have a parent town hall as a forum for questions and expressions of concern. You may also contact the Head of School directly to express your concerns so that we can take those concerns into account as we continue to enact and revise this plan.

What factors will you consider in deciding when to move to a Hybrid/Cohort model of in- person instruction?
We will consider many factors in making these decisions, including the mandates of the DC Department of Health, and we plan to seek to align with the suggestions of the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). The Hybrid/Cohort model is a design of the OSSE in which students would attend school in cohorts. Cohort A would attend school on Monday and Tuesday and cohort B would attend school on Thursday and Friday with a Wednesday break from instruction for deep cleaning in accordance with the requirements of the DC Department of Health. Responsive Distance Learning would continue for each cohort when they are not scheduled to be in-person on campus.

What kind of guidelines will you follow to ensure safe in-person School for our faculty and those students who are particularly vulnerable?
We will make our best efforts to promote the health and safety of our staff and your scholar by staying informed about the D.C. Department of Health's guidelines for safe schools, and following those protocols as closely as we reasonably can.

What if I don't feel comfortable sending my child to in-person school at all this school year? We plan to maintain Responsive Distance Learning throughout the School year to provide the option for parents to keep their child engaged in on-line School at BWS, even if the child is not able to attend in person.

For other questions, please contact Head of School, Mike Molina at

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