Honor Roll Attendees

2020 Annual Dinner Honor Roll (as of February 26, 2020)

Mr. and Mrs. Dana T. Ackerly II
Thomas Barnett
Westray and Katie Battle
Karen and Jim Beardsley
Tad and Nita Blundon
Katherine and David Bradley
Libby and Chris Brown
Liz Holleman Brown and Ben Brown
Janis Buchanan
Ian Cameron and Susan Rice
Kathleen Campanella
Robert and Nancy Carr
Nancy and Blaine Carter
Leslie C. Clevenger
Brendan Coleman
Hadley and Bill Cooper
Don and Gail Crane
Clare Cushman and Amedee Prouvost
Daniel and Elizabeth Danello
Jennifer and Kyle Danish
Helen Darling and Brad Gray
Philip and Sara Davis
Missy and David DeCamp
Jocelyn Dyer and Michael Flanagan
Anne Elmore
Julie Finley
Bill and Susan Flanders
David Gallalee
Ann and Jamie Gerber
Tammy and John Gill
Leslie and Bart Gordon
Oliver and Catherine Grant
Nelse Greenway
Shane and Maggie Hedges
Randy and Melissa Hollerith
Barry Huber and Olen Bradbum
Derrick A. Humphries
John Peters Irelan
Yewande Johnson
Laura Cox Kaplan and Joel Kaplan
M. L. Keith
George and Beth Keys
Mary Kostel and Greg DiMeglio
Meghan Latcovich
Alice Leiter
Stephanie and Justin Lilley
Margaret Love
CJ and Becca Mahoney
Kevin and Catherine Martin
Dace and Roman Martinez
C. Raymond Marvin
Michael McCarthy and Lars Kontz
W. Bruce McPherson
Patrick and Darlene Meskall
Laura and Kevin Miller
Anne Mitchell
Rich and Parker Moore
Garrett Moran and Mary Penniman Moran
   Family Foundation
Jeannie Musslewhite
Emily and Chris Pistilli
Molly Raiser
Diana and Roland Reynolds
Christopher duP. Roosevelt
Jim Rowe and Lisa Adams
Cameron Sanders
Sheridan Sandusky
Rhonda and John Schmidtlein
Maggie and Tom Sheedy
Edmund and Elizabeth Sherrill
Bob Shorb and Liz Lavette Shorb
Greg and Melinda Sidak
Nancy and Simon Sidamon-Eristoff
Laura and Hugh Steuart
Ted Stewart
Anne D. Stewart
Doris P. Summey
Ms. Inez Thomas and Claudia Navolio
Barbara and Peter Van Allen
Michael and Ann Van Dusen
Frank W. Waikart
Maria Walker
Porter and Jeff Wall
Mrs. Togo D. West Jr.
Rev. David and Ms. Martha Wolf