Purchase Annual Dinner Sponsorships and Tickets

BWS scholars are learning firsthand that Community means unconditional support during the most challenging times.

As a sponsor, you will help fund our multi-year COVID response and ensure that our students can move forward with the knowledge that they are supported, heard, and part of a community that values them. This year, our mission of educating boys from the underserved neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River resonates more than ever. As future leaders in their communities, BWS students are witnessing how a Village responds to and supports its members in times of difficulty. They are learning how to be resilient, think creatively, and pave a way forward despite challenges and uncertainty. While we wish the pandemic wasn't impacting our community so deeply, we can use this moment to gather around our students and ensure that--together as a community---we can become stronger, better, and adaptive to circumstances beyond out control. This year's Sponsors will activate an important aspect of our School's mission, and we hope you will join us as part of the BWS Village.

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