April Principal's Blog: 40 Days of Reflection

Lent: 40 days of Reflection and Preparation

Lent: 40 days of Reflection and Preparation
April 2019

As I write this, the Christian world is observing Lent-- the sacrosanct forty-day period that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. During this period, Christians around the world reflect on Jesus' teachings and the forty days and nights he spent fasting in the desert before his crucifixion. As Christians, we set this time aside to think about the lives we are leading and to remember Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. When you receive this message, Lent and the anniversary of Jesus' resurrection, Easter, would have concluded. I pray you’ve spent these days reflecting and preparing for a year of blessings and peace.

At the Bishop Walker School for Boys, we are instilling in our scholars the importance of doing well in the world for the world. We believe it is imperative to nurture within our scholars the importance of being global citizens. We send them out into the world to be examples for the world. The BWS gentleman-scholar is a young man who is regularly engaged in reflection--about their place in the world, their own lives, and how they can help their local communities.

The scholars and educators within our village are dedicated to serving and learning in our community. Our school is inhabited by scholars from the most underserved wards in this great city. We purposefully and faithfully design our curriculum with the needs of our community in mind and with the goal of positively transforming generations of black men and their families. Our village attempts to develop in our scholars a sense of responsibility not only to themselves but to the broader world; therefore, we equip our scholars with the knowledge and skills they need to be of service to themselves and everyone they encounter.

Lent is over, but self-reflection is always a good thing, and I urge you to think about how you can involve yourself more fully within your community. Take this time to decide how you can be a blessing for someone else. Remember, there is always someone less fortunate than you. Be appreciative of this moment in your life. Reflect on all you have and speak into existence all you need. Find a need in your community and become the advocate and thus the vessel for change.

Peace be with you.

Stephanie Borges Folarin