BiblioBlog: BWS Library September 2019

BiblioBlog: BWS Library Blog September 2019

This year, the volunteer librarian team will be publishing a monthly blog about what is going on in the library in the past month. Here is their entry from September:

One day a little birdie flew through an open door at the Bishop Walker School. Looking for her tree, she flew higher and higher, but the glass wall blocked her way. So she flew around and around the school until she found a small Nest nestled amidst the picture books. If you can be quiet and gentle you may hold Little Sparrow. Just make a nest with your hands…And so the youngest boys engaged their imagination on the first days of school.

Now that you’ve selected your book, come check it out in The Hive and you can hold the bee puppet while you wait. Are you going to be busy in this hive? Yes, right now it’s all set up for reading and research but when we truly understand the range and structure of A Good Story, you older boys will transform The Hive into a publishing house. You can write your own good stories. And with this new bookmark you are making a promise to your book:

-Hold you gently

-Share and Read you at home

-Carry you back to BWS in 1 week.

The NestWe librarians spent the summer getting ready for the first week of school.  Mobile furniture was moved to create new zones within the commodious space. The Nest is framed by Picture Books and Early Reader books. The youngest students gather on the green, green grass of the same rug that accompanied us from Holy Communion’s Choir Loft.

Second and third graders meet at the gray risers in The Commons, a space defined by the African batik art. One depicts The Crucifixion and another a fanciful warthog. Bibles and the Book of Common Prayer are on display. This is an open space with soft seating for the assembly of the entire school for Chapel and other gatherings. The Hive contains all the tables and chairs along with a large desk for projects. The stacks of shelves with all of our non-fiction books and young adult fiction beckon. Soft reclining chairs allow for quiet reading in this Zone.

Find A Good Story, our theme for September, is not thatThe Hive easy if you can’t crack the Dewey Decimal System. Since we moved around all the books over the summer to create new areas for the Lower and Upper Primary students, we needed to review the meaning of the colored stickers placed on the spine of each book. 398 for Folktales and 796 for Sports.

One day, we challenged the older boys to arrange random novels into alphabetical order according to the author’s last name. Not always that easy. From there we introduced Staff Pix: a review of new or intriguing novels lurking on the packed stacks. A green index card with the review is taped to the shelf, just like any independent bookstore might do.

Fiction has its own categories at BWS: Novel, Series, Graphic, Early Reader and Picture Book. Our BWS database in the cloud now more accurately reflects the actual books on our shelves. This month, we made a special effort to get the Second and Third Graders to explore the Series books on the white Curvy Shelves that link The Nest with The Hive and The Zone.  If you like the first one, you might want to read 3 more.  Some new hits were: Ellray Jakes and The Notebook of Doom.

Robin and Chickadee joined Little Sparrow as we explored non-fiction Picture Books with the youngest in The Nest. We discovered how animals make their homes and followed the male Emperor Penguin caring for his little one.  Make Believe stories and fact-based books offer each boy different opportunities for listening, learning, and digesting what he heard from the words and saw in the illustrations.  We are seeing a huge range of books checked out without much fuss about wanting what someone else found.  With over 10,000 books in our collection, there’s less value to peer pressure placed on just one “cool” book.

September closes with each BWS student taking the Book Promise seriously by borrowing and returning one Good Book each week. Our attrition rate is way down as pride of school and its lovely Library grows. Little Sparrow taught the younger boys how to hold a fragile thing gently in one’s hand. On any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday you may see a boy give his new book a hug as he walks out the door.


Last year we explored our non-fiction collection by going Around the World in 8 Months, culminating in a percussion concert with instruments from 6 continents. Only penguin chirps from Antarctica!