BiblioBlog: BWS Library Blog January 2020

BiblioBlog: BWS Library Blog January 2020

Written by: Catherine Marquardt

We began the New Year in the Library with access to new books, new learning opportunities and new organization. After asking Grades 4-5 to draw a comic strip about that day’s bible lesson on Epiphany, they finally got a chance to peruse the Graphic Book cart that holds both fiction, like a graphic novel version of A Wrinkle In Time and the Newberry winner The New Kid by Jerry Craft. Historical and science facts are offered up in graphic novels, like March 1-3 by John Lewis and Science Comics -The Brain, among others. The Third Graders squealed when we rolled out 17 Dog Man books by Dav Pilkey.

5th Graders in Book ClubAs the senior leaders of the school, the Fifth Graders take on many responsibilities. So we librarians thought they deserved a new perk: Book Club at Lunch. As we read aloud Roald Dahl’s amazing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, boys may draw comic strips depicting key moments of the plot. The doodling helps us all focus and reminds us how much work it takes to make a graphic novel. Guest readers, such as Lunch Buddy Melik Abdul, gave new voices for Charlie, his family. Melik gave particular voice to Violet Beauregard who puts her gum in very odd places.

Arron Womack has helped us in the Library with myriad jobs but the best soArron with the new puppet Theater far was assembling the brand new standing Puppet Theater. Here he is with the Big Bad Wolf! And here is the Lower Primary learning how to tell the story of The Three Little Pigs with all the refrains such as “Not by the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin” and “I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff and I’ll Blow your House Down”. Common references to a Straw House and the moral of not taking the short cut by rushing and using shoddy materials came easily to the boys, as did listening to your mother when she warns against a wolf in your midst.

Kindergartners watching a puppet showWe will continue to explore Folklore and Fables this month and next, especially African and African American tales. We hope to encourage the boys to learn how to tell these tales themselves with the help of new hand-puppets.

Next up: The Tortoise and the Hare. These folktales, fairy tales, legends and fables and rhyming games from around the world can be found in our newly organized 398 stacks. Librarian with Hare puppet

Special thanks to retired DCPS Librarian Mrs. Ochmanek for bringing order to a most intriguing section of any elementary library. This means our massive inventory and categorizing of the BWS Library is finished…for now. We culled many books and sent them home with students but we added many, many newly published books donated from our Wish List and private donors. The total number stretches over 11,000 volumes.

Mrs. OchmanekWithin the Social Sciences of the 300 stacks stands the 323 section which involves Social Justice and Civil Rights. Many books that one might put in Picture Books or History have a specific place here, such as books about segregation, boycotts, sit-ins and protests of all kinds. Martin Luther King Jr. can be found here, as well as in Biographies. This month we explored this section in 900 by focusing on King’s life and then asking each boy to write down how his own biography might begin. Telling their own story might help them better understand the shoulders they stand upon. A deep dive into our huge biography section comes next.

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