March Principal's Blog: Within This Village

March Principal's Blog: Within This Village

March 2019

The adults within The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys community believe that each young scholar has the potential to change the world. We are dedicated to giving our gentleman-scholars everything they need to be successful. Staff members, parents, clinicians, THEARC partners, as well as our generous Board members, Lunch Buddies, and Auxiliary Council members work as a team to maximize our spiritual, academic, and financial resources in support of the advancement of our scholars.

Within this village, we are nurturing excellence.
Within this village, we are changing generations.
Within this village, we are inspiring kings.

The BWS gentleman-scholars are intellectually curious, culturally competent, effective communicators, and respectful of all faiths. They are also filled with energy, and at times quite fidgety-- we love and appreciate them for who they are while maintaining high standards for their behavior and academic achievement.

Young, brown boys educated in Ward 8 don’t fare well statistically with life expectancy or with financial success, but we are here to change those data points. Within this village, we expose our scholars to the world so that they fully understand it and we shelter them just enough to ensure we cause no undue trauma. Unlike other students, it is imperative that our scholars know what lies beyond this village so that they are fully prepared to speak truth to power and make the changes necessary to transform their lives and the lives of other young people in Ward 8 and beyond.

Within this village, we are leading an educational revolution.
Within this village, we are learning and growing together.
Within this village, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

If you are interested in learning more about the BWS Village, please review our website and then join us on a tour. Our young gentleman-scholars are always ready to engage you in fruitful dialogue about what they are experiencing in school and in the larger community.