Onward From Our First Day of School

Onward From Our First Day of School
September 8, 2020

Dear Bishop Walker School Community,
On a journey like this, a school year like no other, much of the story will never be told. Soon, the tremendous work that has gone into launching this school year will be the dust of days long gone as we focus on the work of what is now and what is next. Each of us—students, teachers, administrators, and families—may have moments when we will be challenged like never before. Yet times like these are how faith is made, how strength is made, and how new growth is earned.
There may be times when the distance between us makes us feel alone. But we are not alone. We are together in one goal—making this school year one we can look back on so that we can be encouraged by how we faced a mountain and made it over. Come June 2021, we will all be more resilient, more resourceful, and more ready for whatever the world has in store for us. You can bet on that.
By marching on, one step at a time, one day at a time, we will raise these young kings despite any and all difficulties. Our scholars will see our effort and know that they are worth it all, and that they are worth all the faith we can muster in them and in each other. They will take the memories of our sacrifices for them, and somewhere in the future those memories will push them forward.
From this first day until the day we are past this, know that we are all together in Responsive Distance Learning. Know that this key word—responsive—means that we will stay in communication, stay flexible, and stay actively evaluating what works and what doesn’t so that we can find our way through, together. In the end, by staying responsive to the needs of our scholars, our families, and our community as a whole, we will learn new strengths that will feed the success of the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys for many years to come.
I’ll leave you with some wisdom from our shared history. During the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, the collective action that sparked the Civil Rights Movement, women, men, and children faced threats of violence to walk for miles till the hot got cold and got hot again, they shared rides and organized their efforts, and they struck a blow against racism that changed America for the better. Over the course of that year, there were hundreds of acts of courage and determination that will never be known. But what we do know is that a committed community of individuals and families faced a challenge together and won the day. Let’s win this day, Bishop Walker School, and wake up tomorrow morning with our minds set on success.
May God bless our efforts and keep us as we keep keeping on.


Michael O. Molina
Head of School