Principal's Blog The Recipe for Success at BWS

Principal's Blog - October 2018

The difference between cooking and baking is significant. Cooking affords a level of chance. You can add a bit too much salt to gumbo and even it out with some water. You can make gumbo a bit too savory and cut the taste with a few chunks of tomato. When it comes to baking, however, precision is critical. Adding two tablespoons of baking powder to a biscuit mix when the recipe calls for one can be the difference between biscuits rising or falling. Here at the Bishop Walker School, we are in the process of designing the best recipe for the BWS Scholar, and we aren't leaving anything to chance. As we shape the academic and spiritual lives of our young scholars, we must be intentional about what we do and how we do it in order for our scholars to reach their full potential. In this post, I will deconstruct the BWS Scholar recipe so that you understand the ingredients and techniques we are using to bake up the perfect gentleman-scholar.

The BWS Scholar loves learning, is intellectually curious, has a strong spiritual foundation, and displays moral character. In collaboration with parents and guardians, the staff at BWS has constructed and integrated a character development program that speaks to the young men's spirits. As the adults in our young scholars' lives, we try each day to model the types of human beings we desire them to be. We show care, empathy, and compassion during each interaction we have with our scholars. From greeting them in the morning with a handshake or a hug to looking them square in the eyes when engaging in conversation; we are intentional about the way we communicate with our young scholars so that they fully understand they deserve respect and appreciation.

Each classroom features important elements that assist us in maximizing the potential of our scholars. Each classroom has space in which scholars can work alone or with a partner. There are little study nooks, soft and comfortable surfaces in these classrooms, and materials the scholars can use as fidgets/stress relievers. There are tons of books in each classroom and many colors and textures to stimulate their senses. All of these items have been carefully curated to ensure our young scholars have an environment that uplifts them and caters to their varying learning needs.

We also pay close attention to the way our scholars wear their uniforms. As a community, we make sure their ties are on correctly, their black shoes are clean and laced, their black belts are securely fastened to their crisp khaki pants, and their navy polos or light blue dress shirts are pressed and tucked in. We often tell our scholars that they are dressing for work because school is their job and in so doing they must be presentable and professional at all times.

We care as much about their social-emotional growth as we do about their academic achievement and spiritual foundation. With our Lunch Buddies Program, Auxiliary Council, Blue and Gold Speaker Panels, and Kings on the Rise mentor program, we intentionally place successful men and women in the lives of our scholars. We want them to see and hear different stories of success so that they know they can achieve anything they put their minds to and work hard for.

So, now allow me to present the recipe for success at BWS:

  • One school full of eager minds

  • 21 passionate educators and support staff

  • A healthy dollop of loving, supportive parents and guardians

  • Baked in a strong academic and spiritual program for 3-6 years

And viola, you have brilliant, confident, empowered gentlemen-scholars!

This recipe seems simple but we must have the perfect balance of everything, and we must bake it up at the right temperature. At BWS, we believe we have our recipe is so healthy we can share our secret sauce with the world: patience. In the end, patience is the key ingredient, the one element that makes everything work.

For a tasting, please check out our website. We are currently taking reservations... I mean, student applications.